Still a caged bird

Photo: Can Pac Swire / Flickr

Text by Margarita Vulgare

For so long, 

I thought I had built this cage around me

Unable to step out of it

Until I came to realize

It was never me

It was never us

It was history

That never became herstory

I have been fascinated by Mary Magdalene for a long time, but only in the last months I started reading more about her and connecting to her story. This is the song that was born out of inspiration. 

You hear them talkin’ bout me since 2 millenia

Their preaching canceling me

Like I was not enough 

Wanna see history 

Becoming herstory 

But not a single bible 

Written by the ovary

Photo: Margarita Vulgare

Mary Magdalene is probably the most controversial person in the bible, and her role as Jesus’ disciple and even wife is still widely discussed even to this day. It was her womanhood though that excluded the importance of her in the life of Jesus and as an apostle: the Gospel of Mary Magdalene was never included in the bible even though it exists. This has been a personal problem for me with religions and bibles for a long time: women have never been the writers of their herstory. It’s just one side that gets told. 

Religion has always been about politics as well. So the ones who hold the power, decide which parts get told and who gets to be included. And this can have severe repercussions – such as women not being allowed as priests or gays being allowed to marry in church.

Ja musta puhutaan 

Ja kaikkee huhutaan

Ei rauhaa haluta antaa

vuosien tuhansien taa 

Oonko vaimomatskuu

Vai joku pakana 

Mut en ees haluu sua

Mä oon täs raakana

The rumors about Mary being a pagan or a wife have not ceased to this day. But in this part Mary sings that she doesn’t even want the person who is wondering about she being “wife material”. She does not care. 

Is she a saint or a sinner 

They never asked for my opinion

Who ever longed for my oblivion 

My name is much more than your opinion

Catholic church actually admitted in 1969 that Mary Magdalene was mistakenly identified as a sex worker. MISTAKENLY IDENTIFIED AS A SEX WORKER. That’s quite a mistake indeed. Something that might stigmatize you even for millenia to come. And here we come to the question: is woman’s role still that narrow? You can either be a saint or a sinner. And most of the time, you cannot even choose this role yourself. No opinions asked. Yet we can be and we are so much in between. We are all the colours of the rainbow and we are 50 shades of gray. 

Es el AMORRRRR amorrrr amorrr

My name is Love love love 

C’est pour l’amour l’amour l’amour 

Annan rakkauttaaaaaa

Mary Magdalene in essence, was pure love. She was the female counterpart of Jesus. And that’s what all the religions can agree on, I think – in the message of Love. No religion teaches you to hate someone – that part is all human. 

Photo: Margarita Vulgare

Oups! I said the word pussy out loud
Oups! She let all of her blood spill out 
Oups! He didn’t know the size a clitoris was 
Oups! And they always want más más más

In the 21st century, it still seems vulgar when a woman talks about her body parts. Male rappers have been singing out pussies for decades and only until recently, there has been a surge of powerful female singers owning the word for themselves. Menstruation and female orgasms are still a taboo and largely uncovered by academia. How many women knew that there exists up to 15 different kinds of female orgasms? The word pussy needs to be taken back, and definitely changed to what it is: being a pussy is not acting cowardly, being a pussy is brave (also a poem by Rupi Kaur). 

Photo: Margarita Vulgare

Me llamo María 
Te llamas Magdalena 
No es precaria 
Nuestra identidad
You can find me in the face of every woman you’ll see
Female emancipation did not come for free 
You may think that with delight I’ll in front of you kneel
But instead all the layers myself I will peel

We are all Mary & Magdalene and we should not kneel down no more. The cage was not built by us, but it exists in our minds. And it’s time we fly the hell out of it.

“- the caged bird sings of freedom.” (Maya Angelou)

You are very welcome to listen to my song Maria Magdalena in Spotify, Deezer or wherever as well as join the Tik Tok dance challenge #iammariamagdalena.

With Love, 

Margarita Vulgare

Ps. Strength to all our sisters fighting for their freedom in Iran!


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